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The most popular breakfast teas

start your morning right!

Image of tea and pastry snails

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day however, I disagree. I feel that the most important part of the day is not the food, but the tea! The most popular breakfast teas on the market tend to be full-bodied, heart-starter style teas with strong flavour, aroma and tannin.

Did you know that, despite their common names, the actual blend of tea you are enjoying can be different from supplier to supplier and season to season? What might be a lovely English Breakfast to you, might be very different from your neighbour's English Breakfast...

Here are six of the most popular breakfast teas in the world, and how to enjoy them!

1. English Breakfast tea

Image of English Breakfast tea leaves

This classic blend is a mixture of black teas, typically from India and Sri Lanka. It is known for its bold, full-boded flavour and is best enjoyed with a splash of milk and a touch of sugar.

We carry several varieties of English Breakfast Tea such as Organic English Breakfast, Premium English Breakfast, and English Afternoon Tea (which is just lovely for breakfast as well!).

As I mentioned before, the blend of different tea leaf sizes, tea leaf processing and leaves from several regions and terroir is what makes the tea you prefer different from the one your neighbour prefers. For instance, in our range the difference between the regular Silver Medal winning English Breakfast and the Silver Medal winning Premium English Breakfast is the size of the leaves (a difference in processing style), plus the Premium also has the addition of Darjeeling and Yunnan to really set it apart! 

As a side note: We can do special orders for Premium Organic English Breakfast too - and it is simply scrumptious!

2. earl grey TEA

Image of Earl Grey Tea - transparent background

Earl Grey is a black tea blend scented with varying amounts of bergamot oil, and when you open the packet you are instantly hit with the heady and wondrous aroma of bergamot. What makes one Earl Grey different from another is the amount of bergamot used, and also whether it is natural bergamot oil or an artificial substitute.

Earl Grey Tea has a distinct, citrusy flavour and is best enjoyed without any additions however, it is perfectly reasonable to add milk and sugar if that is your taste. (Personally, I drink black tea with milk and sugar and I adore the Earl Grey Blue Flower).

We carry many varieties of Earl Grey Tea such as Earl Grey Blue Flower, Organic Earl Grey with White Tips, Rose Grey, Maiden Grey Special, Decaffeinated Earl Grey, Decaffeinated French Earl Grey, Green French Earl Grey and our ever-popular French Earl Grey black tea.

We also have other teas with bergamot oil, including Blue Mountain, Monk Pear, Signature Breakfast Blend, and Signature Afternoon Tea


Image of Darjeeling tea leaves

Darjeeling Tea is a little bit special and if you drink it regularly you will understand why.

The tea is grown in the cooler, high Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India between 600-2000 metres above sea level. This "high-grown" tea flavour is the most sought-after. Darjeeling teas grown at higher altitudes fetch higher prices because the growers are unable to produce large yields.

Darjeeling Tea is known for its musky and floral aromas and, as it is a light infusion and strength, is best enjoyed without any additions. (My husband adores his Darjeeling teas black but, for me, they're not strong enough as I prefer milk and sugar... But I digress)

We carry Darjeeling Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (GFOP), Darjeeling Autumnal, and Darjeeling Margaret's Hope 2nd Flush in our range.

4. Irish Breakfast Tea

Image of Irish Breakfast tea leaves

Irish Breakfast Tea is a blend of strong to very strong black teas, typically composed of Assam teas and some times a dash of Ceylon as well. The leaves are processed using the "crush tear curl" method and are finely curled ensuring maximum flavour extraction at a rapid rate. Blends do differ depending upon the blender, and the particular Irish Breakfast that you prefer may be slightly different from the supermarket variety or others that you may have experienced before.

The hearty character of Irish Breakfast makes it a popular choice for mornings, often enjoyed with milk and sugar. The blend's origins traces back to the Irish preference of favouring robust teas to kickstart the day. With a full-bodied profile, Irish breakfast tea remains a much-loved classic amongst tea enthusiasts seeking a bold and invigorating start to their mornings. It is one of our biggest sellers, too!

5. Scottish Breakfast Tea

Image of English Breakfast tea leaves

Scottish Breakfast Tea is a blend of strong black teas, typically from Assam and Ceylon and ours has a similar flavour profile to the Irish Breakfast. It has a rich and full-bodied flavour and is best enjoyed with a splash of milk (or cream!) and some sugar. This one is a tea that you do not want to brew for a long time as it can become unpleasantly bitter if you do so.

Scottish Breakfast does not enjoy the same worldwide appreciation that English and Irish Breakfast teas do however, it mirrors its irish counterpart, offering a strong and full-bodied black tea experience. It is a delicious kick-starter to the morning breakfast table!

6. YORKSHIRE Breakfast Tea

Product: Yorkshire Breakfast tea

Our Yorkshire Breakfast Tea is another of the classic breakfast teas. 

It is a strong, superfine leaf black tea from Sri Lanka and India blended to produce good colour, strength and flavour. Depending upon the blend, you could also find tea from Kenya and Rwanda in the mix as well. Known for its dark, coppery infusion, this brew stands up well to milk and sugar.

The leaves are processed using the "crush tear curl" method and are finely curled meaning that the flavour brews up quickly but has a tendency to turn bitter if brewed too long.

A classic, and is also makes a great all-day drinking tea.

Breakfast teas

enjoying the most popular breakfast teas

To enjoy any of these teas, start by heating water to boiling. Place one teaspoonful of tea leaves per cup into your teapot, infuser or paper teabags. Pour over the boiling water and allow the leaves to steep for about three to five minutes. The longer you brew it, the stronger the tea will taste and you will have a stronger colour and tannin taste as well.

Once the tea is ready, pour it into your favourite cup and enjoy it with or without any additions depending upon the tea and your personal preferences.

So you can see that these give teas are some of the most popular breakfast teas in the world and all are a great way to start your day. From the Classic English breakfast tea, to the floral and musky Darjeeling tea, they all offer a unique flavour and aroma that can be enjoyed with or without any additions.

Take the time to enjoy your morning cup of tea and start your day off right!

If you're not sure which breakfast tea you like, or would like to try a sampler set, we have them here.

What's Your favourite breakfast tea?

Personally, I alternate between coffee and tea, but usually have the same breakfast cuppa, which for me, is a lovely strong cup of Organic English Breakfast with my soy milk and a spoonful of sugar! 

But, what do you drink? Let me know in the comments!

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