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Hi, I'm Georgia.


Georgia Oct 2023smiley image of Georgia, lost in a sea of fake flowers

I also love writing web pages, reading just about anything, learning languages, painting watercolours badly and trying to create flashy digital stuff. 

I haven't always been in the tea business. In fact, I am actually a high school Languages teacher, and before that I was a temp office clerk in various government departments (so dull), and before that I was in international relations with the Japanese government, and before that I was in hospitality and retail... and... phew! I've been a busy gal! I have a BA in Linguistics (ANU 1997), and a Post Grad DipEd Teaching Foreign Languages (UC 1998). 

I've lived in Canberra most of my adult life but, as a child of Defence I've moved around a lot. Then, together with my husband of 26 years we have lived in NSW, QLD, NZ and Japan. Sheesh! Some might stay I have a chronic need for variety!

As for Love Loose Leaf Tea, this business was founded in 2005 in Ulladulla, NSW and traded under the original name of, "Something’s Brewing" until 2022 when I took over. I was actually a customer of theirs for several years, which is how I found out that they were for sale... 

I've never (successfully) run a business before and Something's Brewing was barely turning any profit but, some kind of madness overtook me and I got a loan and bought the business. I needed a new life challenge and committed to turning it around. I'm still working on that bit because guess what? 13 interest rate hikes later, plus massive, costly changes to ACT sustainable packaging laws have meant that times have been pretty tough! I've brought the business home to me, in Canberra and I sell only online.

But, I am very optimistic, and truly believe in the quality and value of all the products. I've personally been consuming them since 2014 and, I just know you will love them too (wink).

as for the POSTAGE AND packaging....

New Recyclable Packaging Boxes100g, 200g and 400g tea boxes
New Recyclable Coffee Bags250g and 500g coffee bags

Packing Tea: We use recyclable cardboard boxes for tea, and AS5810-2010 compostable cellophane for liners and tea samples.

Packing Coffee: We have introduced the revolutionary, new, fully kerbside-recyclable coffee packs from RecycleMe™. They are heat-sealed and, while they do not have a valve, the bag has been designed to allow for the natural release of CO2 gas through the base.

Posting: We use HeapsGood compostable mailers and recyclable cardboard boxes to post our parcels. The address labels are heat-printed and also 100% compostable. We use Australia Post who are a 100% Carbon Neutral business.

Due to the economic downturn, we now pack tea and post it twice per week: Wednesdays and Sundays.

Office supplies: Our office is already 100% eco-friendly, using recycled paper, biodegradable and compostable products. From our printer paper, to mailer stickers, stamp inks, sticky tape, cardboard mailers and box packing tape.


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Reflections in Tea Book Cover

Reflections in Tea A Mindfulness Journal is an un-dated writing journal with over 147 tea-inspired mindfulness prompts to encourage you to take time to reflect, in the present moment.

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